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Hi, I'm Kelly



Kelly is born and raised in Orange County. After graduating from Middletown High School, she received an A.A.S. degree in Social Science from SUNY Orange. Kelly and her husband Alan have two children and three grandchildren.  They reside in the Town of Crawford in the heart of Orange County, NY.


Kelly started her career in local government in 1994 at the Town of Crawford - Pine Bush, NY. Before long she was recruited to serve as the town’s elected Tax Collector.  Developing a strong reputation as a hard worker with an ability to excel working in a team setting, Kelly was encouraged by local community members to run for Town Clerk.  Kelly served a distinguished tenure as the Town of Crawford Clerk from 2002 – 2013.

During her many years of public service within the Town of Crawford, Kelly instituted a state-of-the-art Records Management Program, became a steward for the preservation of historical records and was the first line of defense for many issues facing town residents.  If you needed an answer to your question all you had to do was ask Kelly and she and her team were there to help. Under her direction the Town of Crawford Clerk’s Office enjoyed a reputation of being service driven, open, and welcoming to all residents.

On January 1, 2014 Kelly was asked by Orange County Clerk Annie Rabbitt to apply her skills and experience to serve all Orange County residents.  Over the past seven years Kelly has been supervising 41 county employees and managing 11 departments. On top of her management experience, Kelly brings to the Clerk’s Office her knowledge of records management, recording “Precious Documents” and the distribution of mortgage tax.  Kelly and her staff have strengthened the Orange County Clerk’s office through their ingenuity and work ethic.  


Kelly received the prestigious Leadership Orange Partnership Award recognizing exceptional leadership and devotion to Orange County in 2010 and was also elected Town of Crawford Councilwoman where she has been continuing to serve her hometown while serving as Deputy County Clerk.  Kelly is a public servant through and through.


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